Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition. George Clason

Investing in educating yourself is one of the best strategies you can adopt if securing a financial future free from want.

The following is a list of books and resources you will find helpful. Grow by changing the way you look at finances, investments, insurance, and your future.


  • The Coffeehouse Investor: How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On with Your Life, by Bill Schultheis
  • The Seven Stages of Money Maturity: Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in Your Life, by George Kinder
  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk, by William Bernstein
  • The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
  • Winning the Loser’s Game: Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing, by Charles Ellis
  • Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk, by Roger Gibson
  • Smart Couples Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future for You and Your Partner, by David Bach
  • The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need: The Way Smart Money Invests Today, by Larry Swedroe